I don’t have the answer but I thought I’d share something with you. I had my gb out in April (I only had one stone but had the hida scan which showed an almost nonfunctioning gall bladder). Right from the start I felt a twinge occasionally where it used to be. I remember mentioning this to my surgeon who seemed surprised (he’s supposed to be excellent, highly thought of by doctors in this area). In early August I began to experience diarrhea despite taking Benefibre. I mentioned this to my primary care physician who said that gall bladder patients who had stones seem to recuperate better than those who don’t have stones (or very few) but have the low functioning gall bladders. I can’t remember the name of the condition she mentioned as I was stunned to hear this and not concentrating on what she was saying anymore. I went to my Gastroenterologist who prescribed Questran (to help with the diarrhea) but I got sick from it. Back to Benefibre and some probiotics, see how it goes and if I still have problems I’ll go back to the gastro (she mentioned that it could be a stone still inside & she may need to do some tests~shudder~). Anyhow, for those of us who did not have a gb filled with stones, it sounds like recuperation won’t be so easy. Maybe someone else reading this will recognize one of our symptoms.