I am so sorry for you and I know this post is late but I just found the site and so many of us suffer with this condition. Drs only treat it one way surgery or PPI’s. Recently I read that when you are not digesting all your food in your stomach some particles go to your colon and cause inflammation. The inflammation sends messages to your stomach to make more acid to help digest better and this can create a ph imbalance or GERD or both. You might want to try a digestive enzyme to relieve the work your body is trying to do, it helps especially, I would think those of you who do not have gallbladders to aid in the digestion. I cannot say it fixed me entirely but it cut down on the number of severe attacks I was having. The most important things are not to lay down after eating. Don’t even bend over or exercise, just sit upright calmly for about 2 hours. If that means watching a movie or sitting outside watching nature or writing letters whatever just let the food break down and keep the valve to your esophagus closed. Good Luck