I too have this pain on my right side and it feels like it is in my rib cage,and goes into my back,and shoulder!! It hurts so bad…prevents me from normal everyday chores,and tending to my children!! It all started after I had my gallbladder removed….So much for that huh?? Now I have worst pain then I had then..it is awful!!! Then on top of that..now I am having problems with bowel movement being normal..at first I thought it was from my pain medication for my back,neck,and arthritis…but I think it is more than that now!!! There has to be something they can do other than going in every so oftn and removing the scar tissue…..My doctor hasn’t said that it was scar tissue..he claims its a muscle…but I beg to differ!! Well I wish all of you luck,because let me tell ya…I feel your pain!!!