I had my gallbladder out on February 17, 2000 and was okay for the first couple days or so. I went home with a catheter and ended up with a urinary tract infection. The catheter was in for five days. I took Cipro for the infection and this made me very sick. I stopped taking it and went back to the doctor. My urinary tract infection is gone but now I have started with diarreha after eating, and I mean stuff without fat. Yesterday I ate plain pasta with vegetables and today ate fat free cream of rice with skim milk and a banana, both times had diarreha. Crackers are okay, so is Jello and Sherbert. But if I eat anything heavy it goes right through me within 20 minutes of eating. I don’t think Im absorbing the nutrition and am very nervous about this. Ive lost a lot of weight and dont want to get sicker. What should I do? Is anyone else having the same problems.