“I am so happy to find this site, I am a female at the age of 47. I removed my GB about 6 years ago and believe me things have not gotten any better throughout the years after the removal. I was told that life would be just as before but boy was I in for a surprise. I was fine for the first year then things started happening. I have found out that I have gotten lactose intollerant, … any kinds of diary product. Additionally my stomack will react to minced meat, steaks, vegetables, some fruits, chocolate, nuts, flour and what not.
I did see a doctor a few years back where they did an kolonoskophy …(spelling….) as I complained about gas, not being able to “”hold it”” and I cannot tell you how many times I have to run to the restroom, let alone how many times I will ball my eyes out because it is JUST SO embarassing – I have absolutely no control…..not over gas or the diarrhea
I cannot remember the last time it was firm
I dont have any stomack pain at all, My largest problem is that I am not in control – latest today I had a major accident , diarrhea everywhere….. I just stand in the shower balling….
I work as well and I usually do not eat the days I work due to the fact of never knowing when it can happen……..
If anyone have any suggestions of what can be done or if anyone else experience the same I would love to know. I have heard there is some natural herbs that can help???? ”