“I had my Gallbladder removed in 2003 and its left me with a condition called ( Dumping Syndrome ) nearly every thing i eat goes through me within half an hour.
i now know what foods im safe with as i work outside as a dustman and there’s not always a toilet to run to. i can eat something today and be alright and eat the same thing tomorrow and need to run to the loo. and you get servere pain in the stomach and are not able to hold it in. since having my gallbladder removed everytime i have blood tests done my liver function test (LFT) comes back high reading. and last week i went to my GP for something unrelated to the condition i have. and he sent me for more blood tests. and now hes called me in agian because my LFT and bilirubin are high.
so my appiontment with him is next week 1st july 2011 what will he want to do now.
i forgot to say at the start of this my name is Darren and im 38. ”