I had my gallbladder removed in 1985. I started to have diarhea also. Needing to be very close to a bathroom after I eat. It took years to connect it. I have been from Doctor to Doctor and not one has told me that it could be due to the surgery until I read up on it and asked direct questions. I have had tests, probes, blood drawn, and every time I complain that my life is changed considerably because of it I get a new pill given that is going to fix everything (and it doesn’t). I have gotten to the point that I don’t want to eat out because I can count on a full 3 hours of diarhea afterward. Sometimes combined with lower stomache pain that requires a heating pad and an antibiotic. The things that are the triggers are spicy foods, fat and sugar. Take all that out and you get bland. Bland don’t always do it though. I am very frustrated as you can see. I have it every day. Even with watching my diet and taking meds, it is every other day. Doctors need to stop being so evasive and tell their patients the truth, like “I don’t know but I”ll find out” or “O.K., thats out of my expertise, I’ll refer you to a specialist”.