“I had my gallbladder removed in April of 2012 when I was 19. I used to be able to drink basically whatever I wanted and however much I wanted and I felt fine, never felt sick, never had a hangover. After my gallbladder was removed I was feeling it after the first beer and by my fourth I was almost drunk, which is very, very unlike me. I also feel nauseous and light headed after just a few beers. At first I thought it was in my head because I’d heard about people having a lower tolerance and I hate throwing up so I thought maybe I was only feeling nauseous because I was focusing on it so much and all that. I realized fairly quickly that it was NOT in my head and that I really was feeling very sick after only 4 beers. I tried eating some food, switched to water. Water helped, food made it worse.

I just turned 21 and I want to drink without getting sick. Apparently I’m asking for too much from my body. Oh and I spend the next day in the bathroom if I drink too much the night before. It sucks.”