I went from 142 lbs to 83 lbs. That was 5 years ago when I had my GB removed. I’m now 100 lbs and I can’t eat any dairy products or anything high in fiber. Nothing with sugar in it. Sugar makes me vomit. I love sugar but not what it does to me. Went to 2 digestive specialists who said I have IBS. Having GB out causes IBS. We can live with no GB but have to give up a lot. My GB has thousands of stones in it so I didn’t have a choice. My diet is 5 days of plain hamburgers (no condiments or veggies) and cream of wheat. The week-ends I eat eggs, mashed potatoes (no milk or butter) and pasta (no spaghetti sauce as it upsets my somach). All the Dr.s’ I’ve been to say the same thing. IBS. Just eat the foods I can tolerate. If anyone is trying to lose weight. Don’t eat sugar. Do that for 2 months & you’ll drop 50 lbs. People who tell me they can’t lose weight..I ask..Do you eat sugar. Answer is always Yes but they won’t give up sugar. Maybe if they had their GB out..they would be forced to stop eating what they want & actually lose weight. Just my opinion.