Yes I had my gallbladder in 2002 and have had complications ever since. And yes when my bile duct closed shut and I was in intense pain, my liver enzymes were not elevated that much at all. It was simply severe pain that convinced them to go in and do a sphincterotomy. This helped only a bit. I am still suffering with pain in the same area as the gallbladder. Been to Mayo clinic and Yale Hospital back east to see top specialists. It can’t be fixed. Its not like they can say exactly what is causing this. I now manage the pain through a patch. Most of the oral pain meds can actually cause more pain in that same area. I am still searching for a cure. I have done the homeopathic route as well as accupuncter and proper diets. I only wish the doctors would realize this is a problem for many people with little solutions. Good luck to all.