“In reference to your stomach pain, diarrhea, acid reflux, nausea, etc. I have found that ACIDOPHOLIS and DIGESTIVE ENZYMES to be very helpful. Also the LACTOSE INTOLERANT pills have been helpful. I love milk and it keeps my stomach calmed down. Then after my gallbladder was removed everytime I had milk I would get diarrhea. It took me years to discover that it was most always after I had milk products. Since the Bile from the gallbladder is no longer available to digest your food you need to give it a bit of help. Some of you might notice a big difference right away after trying atleast one of the above items and it could take some experiment with the above for some of you. But keep at it because it does seem to help. For the folks that get the pressure type pain, try those strips that dissolve in your mouth for gas or Beano. Again, you’re not getting the bile to digest your food and that causes all kinds of problems.

Small amounts of fiber with lots of water also starts cleaning out your intestines and could be uncomfortable until you get all the garbage on the sides of your colon and any colon pockets cleaned.

My problem now is that everytime I eat even the smallest amount of food I get extremely tired. I have almost fallen asleep here while writing this about 2 or 3 times and I only had a light snack. Good Luck”