My gallbladder removal was in January. By April I was a mess. Fortunately after doing some major research online and finding alot of people like ourselves, I started taking Digestive multi enzymes. These are like miracle supplements to me and I do not ever eat a meal without taking these first. Within the first 48 hours of taking these with my meals I noticed a big difference. No stomach pains, my diarrhea slowed down and for the first week I was burping like crazy. But at the end of that week all the bloating I carried around during those months was gone. My energy also improved drastically. After being on them for five months now, I almost feel normal again. They have not helped as far as the weight gain goes. But I really haven’t been trying very hard at that either. I did have some blood work done which showed I was Vitamin D deficient (Probably because I didn’t even have enough energy to go outside to soak in the sun). I did start taking Vit D supplements but have noticed only a little improvement. I swear by these supplements. The ones I use are made by Spring Valley and are called Probiotic Multi-Enzyme Digestive Formula. I buy these at Walmart for $7.00 a bottle. One bottle lasts a good three to four weeks. I know of at least two other people with the same symptoms as I and tried these and it worked for them too. I don’t know if I’ll be on these forever, but until the medical field can figure out why we have these side effects from this surgery, it’s the only thing that I can count on. I have heard that bile salts work too. These supplements do have ox bile in them as well. It’s interesting to me that I hear a couple of you talk about asthma symptoms. I too have noticed a little extra phlegm in my lungs. I had read recently that this surgery could somehow affect the adrenal glands. Then I read somewhere else that malfunction of the adrenal glands could cause “asthma-like symptoms” because your bronchials are not opening up all the way like they should. Just a thought. I haven’t researched it enough to understand how it’s all related or how you would fix it. Maybe someone around here has any ideas? I hope any of this information is of some use to someone. I understand what it feels like to be in that condition. It was the worst place ever!!