I have had the reflux and nausea and a lttle diarrhea since having my gallbladder removed 8 weeks ago—I llost 11 ponds before and after surgery—Iand I have pain in my left shoulder blade and ribs but all tests ahve come back okay—-I still need a colonoscopy but my dr. didn’t want to do it right after surgery because the prep is hard—I have been on carafate for a few weeks and it really helped the reflux and nausea —also, I am down to 20 mg. of prilosec and was on 60 mg.–How are you doing now? One more thing, my naturopath gave me a digestive enzyme to take which seems to help too–The carafate is very constipating so i only take it once a day now which seems to help—-let me know how you are doing—