“My name is Judy hicks. I had my GB removed 1 year ago and I have had nothing but problems since then. I developed Acid Reflux, have had 5 scopes, ERCP’s, stents, etc. To this day I continue to have reflux and the PPI’s nor the H2 Blockers work. My diet is minimal at best and the doctors at the clinic I go to dont know what to do. They have protocol procedures and thats the way it is

I was seeing some powerful doctors when on insurance but I ran out of money. While not indigent things are rough because at this time I am still in pain and cant handle the stress of seeking employment. Had to rent out a portion of my home.

I take Carafate which is minimal in helping and Questran which I dont think does a darn thing. I am trying to find an attorney to help but so far no one is interested. Too much money to prove malpractice.”