“Gallbladder Complications
My daugher had her Gallbladder removed and after 3 days she began leaking bile. She had a stint placed to stop the leakage from her liver. She was told that she had strange shaped Gallbladder which had and extra valve. The doctor did not seal the valve because he did not know where it was. She was in extreme pain from her abdominal area all the way to her shoulders. She could hardly take a breath and ended spending more days in the hospital. while she was there nurses kept holding the medication for pain, thinking that they were doing her a favor by giving her less. She would spasm and then the pain increased. We had to call the head nurse and she made sure that Tina recieved the correct medication. She was in unbearable pain for 5 days. On the 6th day the pain was bearable and she is home. She is very tired because of the insult her body has indured. She met a women in the hospital who had the exact complications she had. She told us that thing did get better within a week and that she lost over 100 pounds due to all the side affects of the procedure. She said the procedure overall has produced a better outcome and quality of life than she had before. We are hoping that Tina will have the same outcome.”