“I had my gallbladder out also, along with a huge tumor on my Liver (the size of a soft ball!) which was thankfully not cancer. I have the rotating constipation and loosey goosey poops. I cannot eat ANY dairy or fatty things without paying the price. (All hands on deck, find an exit fast, Aooooga Aooooga!!!) Along with the loosey goosie poops!! I get the gut rumbling thing and I will belch for hours on end, so totally annoying because they are the huge ones like Homer Simpson’s beer buddy side kick at the bar. Then once that tapers off, it travels to the “”aft end of the ship””, and I will rip off the most helacious farts!!! Lovely. Just beautifl. How lady like and dainty …NOT!!! Acedophilus helps some, but I need to know what other enzimes I can take to calm this all down. It has been 18 months since my surgery, and I still have all of these symptoms. My Dr. did not even mention any of this to me, nor any dietary reccomendations post gallbladder. I am almost afraid to start dating, for fear of the Fart monster or the “”Belchaphonic Symphony”” starting on a dinner date!! Egads!!!

Somebody please HELP ME!!!”