I had my surgery in 04 and ever since I’ve had problems with food and scar tissue. I finally saw a digestive specialist who prescribed a medicine that acts as if adding acid to my stomach before I eat so that my stomach doesn’t react to the food poorly. I now have to consume a “not so yummy” packet of powder in a drink 45 minutes before eating. It’s difficult to make work and still messes with me if I don’t take it regularly but it did in fact stop the digestive problems which were caused from my stomach thinking it needed more acid to digest anything at all (except plain chicken and bread). As far as the scaring goes. I’ve felt it primarily when I would lay flat to go to bed but now it’s a problem when laying on either side as well and even sometimes when just sitting down. It’s an uncomfortable feeling in my right side toward the bottom of the rib cage. The best analogy is that if feels like the skin is being pulled through the rib cage toward my core and slightly down. Before it was not hard to deal with but as of late it’s been difficult and even painful.