hiya to all, i had my gall bladder removed 10 weeks ago and i am still in pain!! The back pain is sometimes so bad i want to cry, on the right side just under my ribcage, sometimes at the front like a stabbing stitch. This never goes away.!! I am also suffering (according to the hospital when i went back cos the pain was so bad) acid reflux, terrible cramping pain in the same place i used to have my gall bladder attacks, lower part of the breastbone, this has me doubled over. I constantly have to keep swallowing as well, my mouth seems to fill with excess saliva! I was told to take gaviscon which i never used before surgery, now i have to take it every day. I cannot blame any particular food for these attacks, it seems to be quite random and can wake me in the night, even drinking a cup of tea will give me pain. I am very depresed dover this, i am back to work in 4 days and still feel quite ill, tired and fed up with the whole thing!!