“I had my gall bladder out 2 years ago. Fortunatly I have not had problems others are afflicted with perhaps because for years fat bothered me so I try to use little. No explosive poop nor bed farts. Some throughout the day but managable. I cook for myself so I can use fat free ingredients instead of full fat or just a little something not offered in a normal meal you eat out. I too am glad My gall bladder was removed as I was so full of infection I would not have lived much longer that and my gall bladder was chock full of stones.

Sometimes I have to sleep elevated but that is a sideeffect of a medication I was on – I think

No diarreah probably because I don’t use lots of fat.

I still have an occational fart I thought it was sad but not anything like everyone else is afflicted with so I guess I am lucky.”