“I, too, am a post gallbladder surgery pain sufferer. I had my gallbladder removed on 1 November 2007 via the laprascopic method. For 2 months prior to surgery I suffered severe nausea and right upper quadrant pain. Following my surgery I have experienced tingling in my left leg, pain in my groin, right hip, right thigh, right lower back. These “”pains”” have seemed to “”resolved”” themselves within the first month. Now I have migraines, sore neck, and sore/stiff upper back. Also, I have had nausea almost constantly since the surgery. However, the nausea has begun to wane over the last 2 weeks. Post surgery I have had a CAT scan, ultrasound, blood work etc. All came back normal. The GI Doc basically said you are good to go. To add to this nightmare, I have ringing in my right ear which started during one of my gallbladder attacks. This condition remains to this day.

I have found all of the above symptoms in other post gallbladder surgery patients in other blogs in some combination. If you believe in Chinese medicine, the pain of this type falls along the gallbladder meridian. Acupunture is a method of resolution. I am using acupunture, and it seems to be helping. Another theory I have is that the CO2 inflation stimulates the Phrenic nerve, which plays a key role in the diaphram and digestive system. It originates in the neck at the C3-5 vertibrae. So, it can effect the other nerves originating from these points.

I hope this helps. The common thought that this surgery is a non-event is just not true. For some, it is no big deal. For others the recovery can be long and problematic. ”