I had choledochoduodenostomy, or Roux-en-Y for short (not because I was heavy) This is almost the same surgery they do for gastric by pass. Mine was for upper quadrant pain. All tests indicating gall bladder. Had an ERCP only to have surgeon nick pancreas 4 times and I ended up with pancreatitus (11days in hospital) No surgery for gall bladder removal until 3-4 months later. (another 11 days because there was a stricture in common bile duct. A few months go by and I’m gaining weight. Start having same pain as before surgery. I’ve had every regulat test done and nothing. Three years later, I’m now 50 lbs more than when I started with this nonsense and I’m still having upper right quadrant pain. But…………it is all in my HEAD. GEE, THANKS DOC”S.