I am in desperate need of help. I have had every known test known to mankind yet no one can figure out what is wrong with me. I was attracted to this site as I found the posts listed below of 2 people that had the exact same problem as myself but no one ever responded, and they drifted away.

This all started about a month ago. All arrows pointed to my gallblatter, but I have since had that removed and the pain still exists….

I have had:

5 blood work ups
2 Hedi Scans (before and after the gallblatter removal)
kidney mri
back mri
stomache scope
rib xrays/chest/lungs
Pain injections
diabetes test
full STD work up

I have lost 14 pounds.

Pain is under right rib cage, also sometime center of back to under shoulder blade. Hurts to breathe sometimes on right, lots of pressure.

I will send you a nice gift in the mail if you can figure out what is wrong with me or point me in the right direction that leads me to an answer. Please read the below posts:

I had my GB removed in April, it is now Aug. I have bad back pain that just doesnt want to go away. It started about to two weeks after surgery. Ive had Xrays, CT scan, 2 MRIs done and they cant find anything wrong. IM GOING CRAZY. dont know what to do. I was told that i would be out of work for 2 weeks. WE ARE GOING ON 5 MONTHS. Has anyone seen/heard of anything like this………


am just past 3 weeks after gall bladder removal. What’s up with this “”mystery back pain””? i thought I was pretty much all fine and about 80% or better. But last few days my upper or maybe middle back on the right side is sore.

i saw 2 doctors today and they think it is just back muscle spasms. NOT A KIDNEY problem. I don’t seem to have any urination problems or anything. no fever, no sickness etc. Maybe it is simply my back, but doesn’t seem like anormal back pain.

meanwhile the surgey areas are a little sore and they were all cool the last week or so. Seems weird to me that the pain is sort of cycling back. I thought i was pretty much over it. I only used pain pills the first 3 days or so and felt improvement up until about 5 days or so ago.

Does it seem like the pain can fluctuate back in? I thought i was over pain.

the back seems the worst. it fgeels like about an inch or so just below my ribs on my right back area. Is this simalar to what you guys feel and the location?

it’s not horrible- not like teh gall bladder was SOOOOOO bad. But this is painful. God i hope it’s not my kidney. Docs…say nope. but man it hurts..”