“I just had my gall bladder out a week ago. I started having pain on my right side going to my back on Monday. I never had any pain at all with my gall bladder unless I ate wheat. Then I had pain on the left side (not usual I guess).
I had my gallbladder out for two reasons. First was due to diarrhea. Second was because my HIDA scan said my ejection fraction time was 18%. After 4 years of this diarrhea and unable to eat wheat, I decided to have it our. Diarrhea was getting worse. The surgery part was fine. I got dehydrated 3 days after sx and had to get IV fluid. This pain had started the day before this though.
This pain takes my breath away. It will wake me up at night. If I move a certain way (not sure which way it is) the pain is so intense I cant breath. Walking makes it worse. When I sit and dont move, Im good. But I do feel like I cant catch my breath sometimes. So I take a deep breath and the pain shoots. I have noticed that I burp more than I did before. I have no pain with touch to the area. Help
Ive had two blood clots in my lungs before and am pretty sure that this is not one.
I work at a Dr’s office and my provider isnt worried about the pain. The surgen that did the sx says it will go away. When? I had to take more time off work due to this pain. I usually dont sit still for this long, but this pain is keeping me still.”