Had Laproscopic gallbladder remval 10/14. Pain afterwards but nothing really bad, it seemed to get better. Not eating anything fatty, was warned by my doctor. It didn’t matter I couldn’t eat any of that before either. Then three days after surgery getting ready to eat dinner 2 sharp pains in right side under ribs and pain has been terrible ever since. It’s been three days doctor has done blood tests, normal and CT no results yet. I had rotator Cuff surgery 7/1/08 and was fine the day before, never any gallbladder pain or symptoms, after I woke up from anesthesia nausea and vomiting and pain. Doctor thought pain meds. When It wasn’t going away many test. Finally did CCK/Hida. It didn’t recreate pain but nausea, function only 19% was told by PCP had to come out. So I had it out and BAM WORSE cramping pain ever. I don’t know how I can eat any better. Only thing half way bad is coffee.