“Has anyone wondered if we really needed to have our gall bladders out?? Just curious .. I am like most of you .. have issues with digesting my food properly .. wish someone had recommended trying digestives enzymes before I had it out .. First you have to figure out if you have too much acid in your stomach or not enough .. here is an interesting test .. after eating when you have the bloating, and all the other signs take a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and i little water .. you can add a little honey if you cannot handle it …. if this helps .. you need to add HCL .. if not and bothers you even more .. you have too much acid .. you and might have to do the counterpart .. So we might be adding tums when we need HCL or Bromelain and or digestive enzymes .. I know my problem is not enough acid ..

Ya know the other thing that causes all the same symptoms is H pylori .. been there done that just a few months after my gall bladder removal ..

Bottom line .. wish I had found all this out before I let the surgeon go in and wish I had found a good holistic MD at the time .. just my 2 cents”