“To: any one who can help
I have had bowel problems for as long as i can remember i have been diagnosed as having ibs but my symptoms are worse than ibs i too have to run the the b-room all the time . when i wake up in the am i have a serious prob i go to the b-room 5/6 times b-4 i even have a glass of water and i have been on all kind of meds to treat my symptoms none of which have worked i have even been at the point where i was taking 48 imodium in a matter of 3 days i know this is not good but nothing seems to work i have been on all the ibs meds and have just got to the point where i quit eating so i dont get sick but that doesnt work for 3 dys in other words i dont eat anything for 3 days and on the 4th day the diaherea then slows down enough that i can get to the market. My diahreah symptoms r so bad i have a matter of seconds from the time the noise and rumbling in my body starts to get to the b-room. i am at the point that i carry a pair of underwear with me whereever i go in my purse/my car and at all friends homes/ now i have to carry extra shorts/pants it has gotten so bad i am now a hermit in my home . i cnt get thru a meal without going to the b-room after the 1st 3 bites of food it is like my body is rejecting all the food i put in it…. i am at the end of my rope i have seen 4 gastroenterologist and they must think i am exagerating but they should spend one day with me while this is going on and see for themselves i just recently got a new gastro dr and told him right off the start that this is the last dr i will see about this prob b-cause no one seems to care/or believe me enough to help me i have gone from weighing 140lbs to now weighing 104 lbs now dont get me wrong when i can get it under enough control and have a b-room nearby i will eat and my weight fluxuates…. i also had my gallbladder removed about 2 yrs ago and i was told that the ibs would get better after the surgery i had and incredible amount of pain after the surgery but the worst thing is that the ibs or so called ibs would get better but it got worse instead i really didnt think it could get worse than it was at the time but i was saddly mistaken. if anyone can give me any tips on how to control my out of control symptoms please tell me i am at a loss to knowing what to do…….i have to go 5/6 times b4 i even have water/coffee/tea in the am……then after another 6/7 times and heaven forbid i should eat any thing i then suffer for the rest of the day/// so i am at the point where i eat only once a day usually around dinner when i know that i will be home for the remainder of the day.,, then i suffer for the night and start again in the am…. my stool is not normal either i trully believe i have something more than ibs but drs say they see nothing… i now know i have a hiatal hernia & gerd/ all normal right? the pain from the symptoms is another topic i have tried all the fiber diets/regimens and they dont work and this dr just put me on questran said this will help ? not working yet. have been on it for about 4 dys….. i dont think this will help either but i am willing to try anything. to give you a list of all the different meds i have tried will take the page and a 1/2. any way i can relate to the many people at their end with the ibs diagnosis and treatments that dont work. the dr also mentioned a test i have never heard of and i am kinda nervous about it // it is called small bowel capsule it this dangerous and will my body be able to handle this test i am sooo tired of being the ginea pig and just want the D word to stop so i can treat my other probs………

very tired of going to the b-room…….sandi g ”