I know the feeling. I started having pain in my right side about one year ago. It was so bad that I thought I had kidney stones. Had scan and was told that I did have some stones and to drink plenty of water in which I did. Pain returned this year 2013. More frenquent then before and much more painful. I saw a urologist who ordered a C.A.T scan two weeks ago and results were that I did not have a stone and kidney was fine. Although he did give me a prescription for pain when I went to him and those pills worked well for the pain, however, it was only for about 20 pills. Since one pill only manages the pain for 3 – 4 hours at a time I had to take several a day when the pain starts because the pain last all day and into the night. He just told me to follow up with my health care doctor, in which I did. I had my gallbladder removed 5 years ago which was done laparoscopic. My Dr. finally said it is probably scar tissue. I told her that I need pain meds because it is no way I can handle this pain. It comes on suddenly and feels like it is deep under my rib cage. The spot is right were the small incision was. Also have a change in bowel movement, still regular but harder to move then before. My Dr. gave me the number to a surgeon whom I will see tomorrow. I am afraid of this pain. When it starts my pressure rises and I get nervous cause it can get so bad. I am willing to have surgery to get rid of it even if it comes back ten years from now because I think it is doing damage on something else in my body. I live in Baltimore MD and hope I can get this under control.