I just had my gall bladder removed on 1/15 went through horrible pains in abdomen the next night.. Then on 1/17 was released. By 1/24 I was running a fever of 102.8 and had bad pain in adbomen. Within 2 hours I couldn’t breathe right and my wife called 911. When I got back to the hospital where the surgery was done they put me on a breathing treatment and took blood. The blood tests showed an infection and they said it was pneumonia, they then did a ct scan of my lungs. They came back and said it wasn’t pnuemonia and did a ct scan and ultrasound on my abdomen. They said I had fluid in my abdomen and needed to have a drain put in right away. THey took out over 60cc’s of bile colored fluid and then after every 4-6 hours there was another 60cc’s of fluid. I was put on antibiotics, and morphine for teh next 2 days. I came home on 1/28/13 and have an appointment with the surgeon on 1/31. Before I lewft teh hospital he saw me and said that he would probably remove the tube on 1/31 because the antibiotics should have killed off any infection by then. But I refuse to allow him to remove this drain tube while I’m still producing bile in my abdomen. I was angry that he even suggested that it wouldn’t be problem if all the leakage hadn’t completely stopped by then. I’m at a loss ofr what I should do once I see him. Any suggestions?