Ok, me too. Unbelievable in that they can not figure this out. As for the fibermyalsia- I have done alot of research on allergies and they attribute this to Gluten sensitivity or celiac’s. I have the type 1 diabetes, only two years, Allergies and yes along with all of you I have had my gallbladder removed will be 3 years in Aug. I was tested in fall for rhemtoid and they are retesting me again and given the diagnosis beginning of Feb Fibermyalisa- which I let the physical therapist know- after 10 days off during holidays and sleeping 10 hours a day- I had no complaints- I saw doctor and she said it was this? He examined me and agreed you have to have 23 pain points on your body. I have changed the diet to gluten free and pain is intermittent. Although I am still working on going 100% gluten free and have not worked through everything in my cupboards, I am still getting a little gluten here and there. I also had a hysterectomy 12 years ago- appears my issues started then. I also feel at some times like Hypochondriac and I am ashamed that at my age I have so many issues. They are looking to add occupational asthma- due to issues I am having breathing at work. Help!!!