I had a very bad experience! After my gallbladder was removed about 5 days later I woke in extreme pain! I vomited and had a fever.. Went to ER and they just sent me home w/ various meds… The next morning after no sleep no relief and just getting worse I called the surgeon who did my procedure, I was admitted immediately to the hospital. 3 hospitals later they drained 1500 ml of bile from my abdomen cavity… Washed my abdomen out and put a drain tube in… 2 stents including one in my pancreas.. I returned home a week later… 5 days after I was hospitalized again… Beginning stages if pancreatitis!!:/ removed stents and put a larger one in main bile duct…it hurts always!! I now have the drainage tube out, and am in pain always! Can’t work am very unhappy! This was over a month ago.. I just want to feel normal again!! Basically don’t go to ER without consulting your surgeon! I don’t know what would’ve happened if I had not!!! Good luck