After reading cranistans post it was a breath of fresh air. I am so sick of doctors having no clue on how to help and other users saying “just eat right, you will be fine”. I had never been over 200 lbs until after my gall bladder surgery. Mysteriously it shot up to EXACTLY 30 lbs more. The doc threw his hands up and said he didn’t know. When I asked him why he didn’t gain any weight after his surgery he replied “everyone is different”. Here it is 2 years after my surgery and no one had any answers. So far cranistan has been the most helpful. I decided to take his suggestions and so far it seems to help about 80%. Here is what I have done and currently modifying as needed: (some of the things below I didn’t do beforehand but thought it would be helpful to others if it’s listed) Things I can’t eat — – bread – fast food – processed frozen ready made meals – fried foods – carbonated drinks(includes ginger ale or other clear carbonated drinks) – milk – cheese – chocolate The list goes on for those but you get the idea. What can I eat? These are things that don’t really bother me or may give a small tinge on my right side afterwards. *keep in mind that I don’t have issues with dumping or constipation since changing my diet. – lean red meat (sparingly) – chicken(not fried) – vegetables(I juice during the day, usually 2 cups max of fresh vegetable juice) real ginger root cut into a small sliver juiced with the rest is great. – beets – juice these after skinning them, your liver and body will love you for it. – supplement shake – I use these to bump my calorie count up. Currently I am using muscle milk collegiate because it has less fat. 4 scoops give me 540 calories, something very vital for weight loss and tissue repair. – filtered water – get a brita pitcher and drink away! I also bought aquasana glass bottles and carry water with me everywhere. – fruits with no skin – this can be tough but doable. I have however been able to eat apples with the skin lately after changing my supplements( see below), but you will have to try it out. There are other things I can/cannot eat, your mileage may vary. Just try it out and keep a log of what gives you issues. Because I have GERD with really bad acid reflux, I take prescription strength omprezol. Once in the morning and I’m good all day. Supplements – some of these may work for you, some may not. For example there is a well known gall bladder site that tells you to take “betatine HCL”. It did nothing but give me constipation, even eating super clean and drinking tons of water. Anyhow here are a few things I take… – omprezol for heartburn – this is for the rest of my life – fish oil – every since cranistan mentioned it, I take it with every meal. My system is more regular and I feel like I’m losing weight again! – bile salts – whatever you do, take these AFTER your meal and not before. I made the mistake and felt like I was having a heart attack from the acid that it built up. One after every meal and I am golden. – choline – the well known gall bladder site I mentioned above suggested it and it hasn’t given me any problems. Read up on it and see if it will be helpful. There may be something I missed but that’s mostly it. The food selection may seem small now, but in reality it’s wide open when you eat quality over the $1 burger c**p at fast food places. People get their gall bladders removed for whatever reasons, now it’s time to recover and live life. I can’t and WON’T say “you will be fine” because real life doesn’t go like that. Can you minimize the pain and other problems? I’m pretty sure simply cutting out sodas and fried foods is a great start! Oh, I also eat a few teaspoons of honey a day. But please remember this honey has to made by local bees in your area. Not something from food lion. Find a local farmer on google and enjoy! This might help you or even inspire you like cranistans post did for me. It’s been a week and a half since I changed and honestly feel better. I can’t say it’s 100%, we all know that’s BS when people say it. Life, stress, foods etc will always play havoc with us. But we can minimize those things and take care of ourself FIRST! Go get a nice juicer and grab those veggies! I have a local farmer who grows killer beets. This year my wife and I started our own small garden. As much as I hate visiting Walmart, they do carry a wide selection of vegetables. Let me know what you guys change and come up with. I would rather see positive solutions to our problem!!