I usually have pain later on in the day and definitely after supper. Doesnt seem to matter what I eat. If I eat a higher fat meal, I will get noticeable “spasms” I can feel upper area, just below my ribcage centre. I have had three ERCP’s. First was in 1996..They had removed my GB and two weeks after had to go back in with ERCP to remove a stone they missed in the common bile duct. Then two years ago, same pain again and I ended up with another ERCP after 3 days in emerg. This time they removed sludge and cut my sphincter of Oddi (SP?) as apparently it appeared to have healed “funny”. Then same pain starting this past May. Had another ERCP but this time I was told there was no sludge. Still in pain almost every day and all my enzymes only slightly elevated. When the pain is very severe I suspect pancreatitis. My surgeon and family doc are perplexed. I am on Lyrica and pain killers.