“I started having gallbladder problems in 2007, they got steadily worse until I went wheat-free in March 2012. I went off wheat after doing an 8 month food journal and realizing it was causing extreme fatigue, but then I noticed that my gallbladder suddenly stopped hurting too, yay! I have refused gallbladder surgery over and over through the years because I felt that there was an underlying cause to my problems not related to poor eating and I hoped to find it. I eat a natural whole foods diet with very little meat and have always been very thin no matter what I ate. My mother, grandmother and sister all have gallbladder disease as well and my mother’s brother had pediatric celiac disease which he apparently outgrew (is that even possible?). My husband has been told by a doctor he is wheat intolerant, he has occasional gallbladder pain, but he prefers to eat wheat and deal with the consequences. His mother has gallbladder disease as well. That is the genetics my kids face.

This week my EIGHT YEAR OLD son had two gallbladder attacks. I was shocked and horrified. I don’t know how to take care of a kid with gallbladder disease and I’m worried about how he’s going to deal with the pain if it gets worse. I looked up celiac disease and he does have all the symptoms, but I’m afraid if I tell the doctor I suspect celiac because of gallbladder problems he’ll want to do surgery instead of celiac tests. This article was a little reassuring to me that I might be on the right track with my suspicions. Hopefully my doctor will agree.”