“Hi, 27 f here. I had my surgery last September. Everything went fine, no real pain and I healed nicely.

Now all of a sudden I am having major digestion problems. Now that I have read this thread I know Im not alone and I realize it must be related to having my GB taken out. Right now all I am really experiencing is a lot more gas (which I can deal with), and diaria, which is very uncomfortable. Only in the last week have I had these problems and I am pretty sure its not going to stop. I soemtimes feel sick after I eat and for the most part I am scared of eating if I know I have things to do soon after. I hate having to run to the toilet like my life depends on it. Its becomming very anoying and it doesnt seem to matter what I eat for this to happen (like a lot of you have said).

And now after reading alot of what most have said here, I guess I should expect pain in the near future to follow. Like GB attacks. Which makes you think, what was the point of the surgery if its only going to continue?

It seems most of your doctors send you right back home and pretty much expect you to deal with it. And there doesnt seem to be any real diet that will work. Just take Stomach meds and pain killers?

Please can someone make a list of some stomach over the counter meds I can take for the diaria, and any helpful tips on what can prevent these attacks or digestion problems would be nice. thanks. ”