“I, too, have been in constant pain since my gallbladder was removed in 2008. I didn’t have stones, just occasional upsets that were diagnosed as poor function. Made a bad choice, and submitted to the surgery. When I awoke, screaming in pain, I had a rectus sheath hematoma. The surgeon kept me in the hospital, but made no effort to try to discover the cause of the pain. Discharged me with Vicodin and went on vacation! When the pills were gone, the pain was worse, so went to the ER and got some IV morphine, and a CT scan, which revealed the hematoma. More Vicodin, then an appointment with a GI doc to do an ERCP to remove the “”stuck stone”” from my bile duct. Went home and thought about that, in a clearer moment, and cancelled that appointment since I had no stones to begin with.

After years of diagnostic tests, including a trip to the University of Minnesota SOD clinic, there was no diagnosis to be had, other than nerve damage. The pain has not changed in all the years, it’s a burning knife under my right ribs that occassionally twists. Sometimes it travels up around my ribcage, and then I can’t breathe.

I then tried a Pain Management clinic. First tried all the drugs, lyrica, neurontin, cymbalta, etc., to no avail. Then was put on narcotics, oxycodone (45mg per day) and morphine (30mg per day). Didn’t like the constant fog, but pain was better. Did a trial of a celiac plexus block, where they go through your back to get to the nerve bundle. I was not informed of the possible consequences of this procedure (they place the needle through major organs, and you could end up with a paralyzed colon),and had no success anyway. I don’t recommend this type of block to anyone!

I then did a trial of a spinal cord stimulator, with moderate success. I had decided to go through with that surgery, when my Pain Dr. decided I was no longer a suitable patient, for reasons unknown. At that point I had a breakdown and became suicidal. I was diagnosed with major depression and generalized anxiety, due to chronic pain. I guess that can happen to a lot of chronic pain sufferers, so don’t be afraid to get help when you need it!

4 months later, I was out of the hospital, and searching for a new answer. I’ve tried buprenorphine, which actually helped me get off the narcotics, but stopped working for me after about 6 months. I have since stopped all drugs, and am working with a traditional (ie. not a chiropractor) acupuncturist and also use a TENS unit. The acupuncture stops the deep pain, and the TENS takes care of the ribcage pain. I have about 60% relief from these measures.

Does anyone have success with more naturopathic treatments?”