Hi, you have all been lied to. Without a gallbladder in place you cannot process food properly. Continual flowing bile into the small intestine causes huge health problems. You will spend years looking for answers and never be told the truth. In order to obtain surgery consent – they withhold the truth form you “you will never be able to live a healthy life again”. To maintain the lie, heath professionals cannot offer you help as they would then have to acknowledge to horrible truth about the side affects. This is admitting liability. For some gallbladder surgery is a multimillion dollar income stream. I watched my waist grow an inch an month. My body was simply blocking up. What I did was to cycle up to 100 mils per day for a month to flush out my body. I literally watched all the symptoms disappear weekly. Fist the indigestion, then the stomach pains, then the acid reflux and the waist line decrease by 4-6 inches. I have to avoid desk jobs. Sitting for long periods accelerates the bloating /blocking and keep up the huge cardio out put to allow the body to flush each day. I have not found any other solution that works… I have my GB out 2006. My life has been racked, I have lost all. Please be aware, Celiac disease can be caused from bile damaging the small intestine.