“I had my gallbladder removed about 9 months ago. I have felt fine up
until about a month or two ago. I started having severe acid reflux. I
was put on Nexium with no luck, Aciphex with no luck. They thought I
might have a hiatal hernia and put me on Reglan which made me so dizzy
and jittery I couldn’t take it. I am currently on Prevacid. It treats
the reflux. But along with it I have pain (twinges) above my belly
button, pain under my right rib cage just like before I had the
gallbladder removed, back pain, diarrhea (of course), sick at my
stomach, tender underarms and I feel like I am gaining weight instead
of losing. My main complaint is that I feel like I have something
stuck in my throat. That feeling is always there. Anyone else have
similar issues?? If so how are you treating them??? Any help would be
greatly appreciated!! ”