Well I am not sure where to begin, I had my gallbladder removed in April of 2006 and the pain stopped for about 3 months just to start again. I began the tour of doctors nad hospitals and every test they could come up with. I usually had elevated liver numbers but there was not much else besides extreme pain. I have been to the emergency room about 6 times and each time I was given pain meds and then released, but nothing to prevent the next attack. I had been told by one doctor that he thought it was sphincter of oddi but no one would perform the procedure because of the risk of pancreintitus. Just as I found a doctor ready to try it I found out I was pregnant so we put things off and I prayed that I would make it through the pregnancy with no attacks. I think because of the hormone progesterone I made it through. My daughter is 7 weeks old and the pain has returned!!!! I also have the new symptom of extreme gas the most painful I have ever experienced and the same pain as before. I am not sure what to do. Has any one else had issues with gas along with all the other pain????