I had my gallbladder out back in 2005..when I was only 15 years old. The doctor said I was the youngest case he had ever seen, and said I probably started to develop the stones when I was about 11 years old…I got to keep the stones and they are the largest any of the doctors at the hospital had ever seen( roughly the size of half a golf ball..and there were THREE of them) one got stuck in the bile duct and I developed pancriatitis so I went to the emergency room with pain and speant over 9 hours in there with no pain meds and no diagnosis.and after half an hour of being at the emergency room I was completely jaundice.then finally they did an ultrasound and found the stones. after NINE AND A HALF HOURS, after about a year of me thinking that severe pain in my back and ribcage was just my back out(my mom told me it was and thats why I never went to the hospital..only the chiropractor..BIG MISTAKE) The doctor couldn’t figure out why I got them so young..other than a family history of them..my Cholestoral was perfect and I was pretty healthy for being overweight. Now its been four years and for four years I have had to live with having diarrhea at the least twice a day every day,bloating so much it causes pain, and having to rush to the bathroom about 10 minutes after eating something(not everything affects me all the time..one day I could eat really fatty or greasy food and be fine afterwords and the next time have to spend 20 minutes in the bathroom in pain or just sitting somewhere doubled over from the cramps.) Also getting dehydrated so easy..and being tired a lot..I have to admit this is better then the pain my gallbladder was causing, but the doctor did not give me the facts that my life would change so much..for the rest of my life. A lot of people tell me “”oh all you have to do is eat healthier”” and it’s like..how is that going to help when even a lot of so called “”healthy”” food messes with me?…I just wish it wouldn’t have happened to me so young…and now that I live with 6 other girls..and we share two bathrooms I get paranoid constantly that they will hear me in there during one of my episodes…it’s really embarrassing. But I guess I have to live with it because theres no way I am taking more pills..I already have to take two different pills every day for other health problems(including severe allergies and Dermographism…and some syndrome that makes me have the time of the month endlessly(when i was 11 I had it for 4 months with no stopping…I was bleeding to death.. so I have had to be on the pill for about 8 years now.) and benadryl on many occasions. So more drugs would not be in my best interest. I am happy to hear that a few people do not have many or any bad side effects of gallbladder removal..but for those of us who do..at least we know we are not alone.”