“Well I see having your Gallbladder out doesn’t really change anything. I had mine out Nov., 2010 and I’m STILL in a lot of pain. It turns out, after the pain got so bad I couldn’t stand up straight, and going to the ER, that my Bile Ducts are infected and twice their size. They thought a stone got caught in the Central Bile Duct, but a CT Scan showed no stones were blocking them. Anything I eat I get sick, I’ve lost 20 lbs since the surgery, and 85 lbs since this whole thing started before the surgery. I’m going in to have a EUS (endoscopy w/ultra sound) in two weeks, but have to have a bunch of tests before that.

Strange thing, before the surgery everyone told me that they had no problems after having their GB removed. Now that I’m having problems, those same people are now saying they too had problems and still are. They said they didn’t want to scare me, WHAT???? I’m in more pain now than when I had my GB!!!