i had my gallbladder taken out on april 3rd 2009. i woke up from surgery in more pain than i started with. i ended up staying whole weekend in hospital for a same day procedure…..thhe whole time im ultimate pain i cud barely breathe……or talk……my urine was so brown i really thought i was peeing blood. they send me home on the notion that i had gas and had to get up and move around to get it out and i wud feel better…..i went home and for eleven days with out pain meds grew even more ill……the nurse finally told me to come in after i started crying on the phone……well thats where they discovered bile had been leaking in my this whole time…..i was dying..they pput stint in and sent me homenext day and said bile wud absorb……i looked like i was overdue pregnant……i lost over 20 pounds i am very tiny by this time so u can only imagine how sik i look…….so when i get home i knew something still wasnt right i still was not getting better…..i had to be rushed to er the next night……the stint didnt work!!!!!! i had to have another one put in…….so as of right now i beleive i am no longer leaking but i am still in a lot of pain….my tummy is still big and hard and i have no energy…..i wuud like to know if anyone can help me understand how long recovery is and if anyone can just email me and me be able to talk about my experience as well as theirs……just need some encouragement and to know im not the only one