I’m sorry to hear about your pain as well. I’m a little fed up myself. I had my gallbladder taken out last December. I’m glad to say that pain is gone but if I’m not constipated I’m constantly having diarrhea. Sunday I started having this pain on the right side below my ribs and around the side of my waist..I have started Gavin pain attacks every time I eat. I went to the er they took a catscan of my organs and found nothing. They sent me home with pain meds and told me to see my regular doc in three days. I woke up Monday in severe pain took a pain med and set up an immediate appointment with my doc. I went in only to leave with no answers and pain meds. The pain was awful so I went back to the doc on Wednesday he said I think it’s intestinal. I had had the worst pain attack Tuesday and decided to take a stoppages er with a mild laxative which helped the constipation. Now today I’m so sore can’t stop the diarrhea. Put myself on a barley diet. I am at my wits end! Why do docs tell u eat whatever want after surgery..seriously! I’m also lactose intolerant allergic to peanuts. Can’t eat meat anymore, spicy foods or anything high in fat and all I want to do is scream! It seems I do really good and then I eat one thing and start from ground zero!