I had my gallbladder removed back in the 90s as a result of lactose intolerance (lactaze in milk not being digested, so forms gallstones). I now stick to soya milk and the only cheese with very naturally very little lactose, parmesan! But still found you can’t eat everything else you like as doctors say (it doesn’t even sound right, does it?). Too much fat and I am full of painful gas and/ rush to the loo. Sometimes I have pain on right side after a heavy meal. So – my advice, stick to low fat diet, restrict your fried fold, french fries, cakes etc (which are fat loaded) and even gassy drinks, which seem not good for me. If I stick to this, no problems at all, but when other people cook or I eat out, it gets tricky. I carry diahorrea med with me at all times just in case!