“Hi there. Don’t know if your father is having the same problems so I wanted to write you. My husband had the same problem.

After he removed his gallbladder, he started getting the same old symptoms after a few months.

After we did some research, I found out the gallstones are not necessarly produced in the gallbladder. They can also be produced in the liver. That is where all bile is produced. Gallstones are basically bile, cholesterol, mucus and calcium that have hardened. So what happens when you remove the gallbladder, and if you still don’t take preventive measures that caused them in the first place, like proper diet you will start forming them. At this point they are called liver stones. The stones get trapped in places of the liver and also common bile duct.

I was shocked to find out that a lot of doctors don’t really know where gallstones are really formed. Because gallbladder surgery is such an easy procedures, doctors don’t really learn much about the functions of the gallbladder, prevention and cleansing the gallbladder in school. They only take a crash course. I know this because my nephew is a doctor.

There is a very good article about this here, Gallbladder Pain. Simply goto the article section to an article called “”should I undergo gallbladder surgery”” and it better explains what I just talked about. If your father is still having pains it is probably because his body is forming liver stones. He needs to find a way to dissolve those stones and also change lifestyles for prevention. That is what my husband did and he no longer has pain.

Hope this can help you and your father.”