I have read all these posts and am really confused. I have had acid reflux and been on meds for 10 years. Nexium worked great but my insurance will not approve it no. I was changed to prilosec which worked ok although not as good as nexium. I had my gallbladder out about 5 months ago. I had about 75 stones and the dr. said it was very diseased. I found that certain foods made me sick for a little while after the bg removal then it got better. About a month ago, I started vomitting yellow fluid. This has gotten so bad that I don’t even want to eat anything now. I just got home from dr. visit and he changed me to Kapidex. I have never heard of this med before but he said it was in the line of prevacid. I throw up every morning, this yellow fluid, it is gross!!! I am nauseous constantly and my throat feels like it has acid coming up in it. So, what do I do???? I need help, this is affecting my job to due constant absence and now I don’t know if it is acid or bile or even what the difference is between the two. Has anyone else thrown up yellow fluid??? I am also having bouts of diarrhea. It comes and goes but the sickness is like it was before I had my gb removed. Somebody please help me!!!!!!!