Just to let people know that it appears to be a common issue after the removal of the gall bladder. I had mine removed ten years ago and have had problems ever since, I was referred to a specialist and had a liver biopsy this only resulted in fatty tissue being diagnoised. I have my own theary about the pain I wonder if it can be stones still being produced and getting stuck in the liver duct causing the pain and it easing once they have passed through. I am not physically sick but can feel sick and have medication for acid I get a burning sensation in my stomach and also a feeling of emptiness in a morning. I have learnt to live with the discomfort I feel after such a long time and find if I eat bread and other foods with carbohydrate in them I get a bloated feeling. I have stopped drinking diet coke and I feel alot better I now drink carbon water if I want a fizzy drink but not too much. I have recently moved to France and the bread here doesnt cause discomfort like the bread at home and I think that preservatives in food may cause the problem to be worse as their is no preservative in fresh french bread. I have learnt to live with my problem and cut out foods that cause problems. I havent lost weight like most people but that is because I love my food and still eat well. Other things that cause problems is eating tomatoes, chocolate, alcohol, cakes, and spicy foods. If I cut these out I am alot better, I did have a period when I had dioreeah but also I have had constipation I did think I had irratable bowel however I do believe all my symptons are due to my gall bladder removal. It is reassuring to know other people have the same problems and that I am not on my own. ”