“i’ve been a long time reader on the boards, and posted a few times too. if anyone has read my posts, you know my story. for those of you that don’t, here’s everything in a nutshell:

went on a “”diet”” in may 2007, starting at 5’3″” 123ish. by august 07, i was 113 lbs. i did it the unhealthy way, and didn’t even really realize. i wasn’t very aware of nutrition and whatnot, and i exercised a lot. i got mono in august 07, and dropped down to 100 lbs by november 2007. got diagnosed with gallbladder disease in december 07. had gallbladder removed in may 07, @ 108 lbs. all of this weightloss was due to what i believe was some sort of ED. i struggled for about a year with ED thoughts, and was very, very sickly looking. i still struggle with ED thoughts today.

now, i am 120 lbs. i don’t know HOW this happened. i went on a cruise in september, and that helped me to regulate my eating and start eating normally again. i am happier; i look healthier — but i don’t fit into ANY of my pants. not even my pants from before all of this. i have always been a 00/0. i eat decent – it’s not like i’m sitting here eating burgers and fries 24/7 – i NEVER eat those foods. i’m used to a relatively low-fat diet because of the gallbladder disease. i feel like all of this weight went directly to my stomach/thighs. i think my body is ‘comfortable’ at 120, which is why i shot up so quickly. i mean, just 2 months ago i was 110. i gained 10 lbs in 2 months? crazy. needless to say, i feel pretty crappy about myself. i don’t fit nicely into any of my pants. i bought tons of 00 jeans/shorts, and none of them fit me anymore. i know it’s not realistic to fit into a 00 my entire life, but i have ALWAYS been a 0, and i’m struggling to fit into those now.
i don’t know what i’m doing wrong. i eat pretty healthy. i exercise regularly. i don’t know what to do anymore. i cried about this last night .. i just really don’t know what to do anymore.

i have a more updated picture of myself in my gallery (i’m on the left with the shorter hair). i definitely look so much better; but i just don’t feel good about myself and the fact that my blub hangs over my pants now. i have been wearing sweatpants more and more :(i actually have terrible IBS which began after my surgery, so i go to the gastro doctor pretty regularly. i have to get a colonoscopy on march 2 along with some blood tests, which are going to be testing for celiac’s and my thyroid functions as well. i’ll see how those go, and raise the issue to him as well as my gp. thanks so much for all your help.”