“So I had my gallbladder removed about 3 years ago and 6-8 months my sister-in-law had hers removed as well. We both had the same symptoms that are basically just a whole lot of digestion issues. For the first time ever we have both had hemorrhoids, nausea, more diarrhea than we care to remember, cramps, and intense hunger pains when we go too long without eating.

It does such that we will probably be dealing with digestion issues for the rest of our lives but life after isn’t too terrible. Reality is most people with gallbladder problems didn’t eat good food prior and don’t eat good food after. I have noticed that when overall my diet is better the symptoms so lessen a great deal but do not go away. Oh yeah, i think the strangest thing is how often i poop. I poop like 4-6 times a day now, instead of one large movement a day it is just every time i go #1 i go #2 as well.

So the take home message is avoid surgury if you can, but if you must then eat better and remember that IMMODIUM is your friend!!!! :-)”