“Hi. It’s called post-cholecystectomy syndrome, and I have had it for 14 years now. This is what is happening: You gall bladder used to store bile and squirt it into your intestines when you eat a fatty meal to aid in digestion. Now, without a gallbladder, the bile trickles out at a constant rate. This can cause irriation to the intestines, especially if there is no food there (like overnight). Then as soon as food or fluid hits the now irritated system, it causes pain bloating and diarrhea.

It usually has nothing to do with WHAT you eat. For me, some days a sip of water will set it off. But hormonal cycles and stress can make it worse. I’m worst when stressed and right before my period… and heaven forbid if I’ve got both at the same time!

Now what to do about it? Keep stress to a minimum. A couple months ago, I heard of a recent study showing a drug that is effective for this, but I cannot remember what the drug was or where I even heard it. I don’t have time to research it now”