im 21,male. i had my surgery a little over a year ago. one day i woke up and couldn’t move had a horrible fever and had to call out of work. later i went to the doctor where i sit in the worst pain in my life (at the time anyways) waiting for almost an hour i thought it might be related to a tick bite but nothing came back i had many test up until the hida scan which showed no stones but showed my gal bladder was only releasing pressure at 20% normal being about 80 and surgery required at 30-35. i had my gal bladder removed a little afterwards, the pain only got worse i told my doctor and he said that i should probably exercise had he actually read my chart he would see that i lost over 50 pounds recently due to work and my lack of appetite from the pains, i was a cart pusher for a popular wal mart in my area that was under staffed so i had more then my fair share of exercise up until happened, i had cat scans and multiple blood test for nothing to come back and a year later im still having the pains worse then before my surgery but no one can tell me whats wrong with me, i was 20 when i had the surgery about to turn 21 a few months after, im now 21 about to be 22 and i just sit or lay down all day, as soon as i went back to work i quit on the first day back without 2 weeks notice because i just couldn’t take the pain with the job and heat, a few days before waking up that day i had a heat stroke in the parking lot and threw up but was fine until 2 or 3 days later. sometimes i think ill never be healthy again. i never had much going for me but my health and now ive lost that too. if i weren’t a christian i would’ve killed myself by now and still sometimes struggle with not wanting to because i can’t even go to church regularly anymore because of this. i just want my life back and im sorry to spill my guts here but this is the first time ive seen so many people going threw what i have and hope someone could help me get my life back